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Women perform more food management, I enjoy fucking my pussy, ironing and laundry, while men are more involved in construction and gardening.

While men and women participate both in childcare, it seems that women are relatively more involved in physical care, supervision and accompanying their children, while men seem to participate relatively more in teaching, playing and talking with their children.

• Italy: preferred free time activities among women | Statista

This article focuses further on exploring the gender dimension in parallel secondary activities and unpaid work Rancho mirage sex main activity. Leisure activities like listening to the radio, watching TV or going on visits in parallel to other main activities are common among people and may contribute to their everyday balance.

The data shows that women tend to perform more household and care activities as a secondary activity than men, hinting at a gender perspective of the multitasking phenomenon. The data collected in HETUS gives information on how much time people spend doing various activities like paid and unpaid work, household and family care, leisure and social life or travel, and it can be used to study time use patterns in various policy fields in a cross-country perspective.

The main findings show that people sleep between 8 h and almost 9 h a day, they spend between 4 h 30 min to 6 h on leisure and social life activities, and they carry out household Women seeking casual sex Arthurdale West Virginia family care activities between 2 h 30 min and 3 h 30 min a day on average.

Considering employment and related activities, the mean time spent daily is between 2 to 3 hours on average. Study-related activities occupy between 20 and 35 minutes of peoples' daily time on average.

Given that not all individuals are employed or participate in study activities [3]it is more useful to look at Macon NC adult personals indicator of participation time in employment and study i. Figure 2 presents this second indicator for employment and study, while Figure 3 presents the participation time in household and family Sexy single girls Bloomington Minnesota activities by gender.

Average time spent in employment is 6 h 30 min to 8 hours per day Figure 2 shows that among those who participate in employment, the time spent on this activity is between 6 h 30 min to almost 8 hours per day in the 18 countries where HETUS wave 2 was carried.

Regarding study-related activities, the time spent is between 4 and slightly above 6 hours on average among those who participate in studying. Household and family care includes unpaid work done for one's own household.

Paid activities are not included in this category they are found under the category Employmentjust as work done for another household is Horney ladys in Buckhorn Pennsylvania.

Some examples of household and Mesquite horny wives care activities include food management [4]household upkeep such as cleaning the dwelling, gardening, pet care, care for textiles, construction and repairs, shopping and services, household management, childcare, and caring for an adult household member. As Figure 3 shows, the time spent on household and family care activities for the whole population varies between 3 and 4 hours on average across countries, whereas women are much more involved than men in Married women looking for men Logan City countries.

The gender gap is the highest in Turkey Hot wants real sex Selma h 16 min more for women than for menItaly 2 h and 47 min and Greece 2 h and 21 minand it is the lowest in Norway 47 minthe Netherlands 1 h and 2 minFinland 1 h and 9 minand France 1 h and 11 min.

This participation rate in a given activity was defined as the proportion of individuals among the whole population who Lonely ladies wants nsa Tampa Florida at least 10 minutes a day doing the activity.

Figure 4 shows the participation rate in household and family care activities by gender. Figures 5 to 8 show the participation rate in some of these household and family care activities for men and women.

How do women and men use their time - statistics - Statistics Explained

Participation of women higher for cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc Regarding typical household activities like cleaning the home, food management, ironing and laundry the participation rate of women is systematically higher than that of men see Figures 5 and 6. Equivalent involvement of men and women in shopping and services Men and women Looking for women sucking dick 26 lamppost then smittys 26 relatively equally involved in shopping and services, with a slight predominance of women.

Participating in shopping and services among men, i.

It involves various activities such as supervision, playing, teaching. Men and women however participate almost on an equal basis in childcare activities such as teaching, reading, playing or talking with the child. Construction and repairs include changes to the house, including construction of a new building e. Gardening and pet care include activities which are not connected to farming. Multitasking: two activities at the same time Given the dynamic pace of life nowadays, many people are confronted with the challenge of performing several activities at the same time, i.

HETUS provides evidence on this by collecting data on secondary parallel activities, that is, if a respondent was doing more than one thing at the same time: "What else were you doing? Figures 11ac show Love in bow brickhill on the average time spent on doing particular secondary activities only among those who have been involved for at least 10 minutes in the respective secondary activity i.

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The total participation time spent on doing secondary activities varies between 2 h 46 min Luxembourg to 7 h Hungary across the countries. The most common secondary activities people carry out are listening to the radio and music between 1 h 30 min and 2 h 30 min per daywatching TV between 1 h and 1 h 50 minsocialising with family between 30 min and 2 h dailyand visiting and feasts [7] between 50 min and 2 h 50 min daily.

Visits and feasts as secondary activities are most common in Spain 2 h 47 min and Greece 2 h 12 minand least common in Hungary 50 minAustria 51 min and Norway Swingers Personals in Vincennes min.

In addition to being Looking for Huntington beach and submissive as main activities, childcare and household activities are often done as secondary activities, and for a considerable time.

For the total population, childcare as secondary activity takes up between 50 min and 1 h 45 min on average per day.

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The lowest time is found in Luxembourg and the Netherlands 50 minand, on the opposite, the highest in Germany 1 h 45 minFree phone sex Darjeeling and Estonia 1 h 30 min. Household and family care excluding childcare as secondary activity takes up between 35 min Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland to 1 h 17 min Spain on average daily, for the total population. Figures 11c and 11d present the participation time in childcare and household activities by gender.

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The two figures reveal that the time spent on childcare, on the one hand, and on household and family care, on Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Fort Smith other, is higher for women in all countries. The gender gap for childcare is above 30 min on average per day in countries like Germany, Finland, Hungary, Romania and Estonia.

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The gender gap for household and family care is lower, slightly above 20 min on average per day in Serbia, Hungary, Poland and Germany. When activities such as food preparation, cleaning dwelling, laundry, ironing, gardening, construction and repairs, shopping and services, childcare, house management are done as main or secondary activities without pay Lafayette girls want sex the own household or for another household, they constitute unpaid work [8].

Figure 12 presents data on time spent on unpaid work as main activity among those who have been doing it for at least 10 minutes i. The average participation time spent on productive forms of unpaid work as a main activity varies across countries between 3 h15 min the West islip NY milf personals, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom to above 4 h in Turkey 4 h 5 minSerbia and Hungary 4 h 7 minRomania 4 h 10 min and Italy 4 h 15 min.

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Figure 12 shows that women spend more time on unpaid productive activities than Keene-TX sexual encounter ads in all countries that have conducted the HETUS wave. In Turkey the gender gap is 3 h 30 min per day and in Italy it is 3 hours.

Figure Participation time per day in unpaid work main activityby gender, hh mm; to