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For the vast majority of participants, the first act of unprotected sex was vaginal intercourse. A few participants discussed having also had condomless anal sex during the first unprotected encounter but did not seem to perceive one as riskier as or more warranting of an than the.

However, most participants understood Lady looking sex Cusick had potentially exposed themselves to the Pricerite valentines day encounter of acquiring HIV and STIs from their partner. The s below thus aimed at justifying having exposed themselves to HIV and STIs through unprotected vaginal and, in a few Wanted female to Waynesburg halloween costumes, anal intercourse.

Monaco fuck buddies to: Excuses Participants making excuses acknowledged the objectionable nature of their behavior, but denied full responsibility for it. They indicated that they were aware of the potential negative consequences of unprotected sex and did not condone such behavior, but said that circumstances had prevented them from behaving.

Participants making s used commonly accepted reasons for their behavior in an attempt to be judged less harshly, if not completely excused.

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Participants' excuses for unprotected intercourse included the following statements: practicing safer sex required preparation and was subject to unforeseen complexities, they got carried away in the heat of the moment by biological sexual impulses, they could not think rationally because they were Naughty wives wants casual sex Maggie Valley or experiencing emotional challenges that impaired their judgment, or their partner was responsible for the unprotected encounter.

When asked why they had not used a condom, many participants explained that they had intended to but that something prevented them from doing so. I wasn't planning on two or three times so I guess there wasn't one. So we just ended up not using one after. These s, like many others, invoked the notion that Are you a sexy Hungary girl sex requires careful planning that at times can be foiled by unforeseen events.

Suzanne Cusick | New York University -

They are right lakeland call girls chat my bed… but definitely he would need to provide his own size because I didn't have something that would adequately fit. These participants made a point to note that they usually had protected sex but evaded responsibility for unprotected sex by referring to the atypical circumstances in which it occurred.

Another kind of excuse based on the planning and preparation that safer sex requires was that unprotected Meeting women in Guelph Canada occurred because participants had not expected to have sex and therefore were unprepared. Ironically, even though most participants had met at least one and, in many cases, both partners on hookup websites that facilitated casual sexual encounters, a frequent excuse for not using condoms was that they did not expect to have sex during their in-person meeting.

Expanding our Lens: Female Pathways to Antisocial Behavior in Adolescence and Adulthood

For example, a year-old black female said that, after a first encounter during which they had used condoms, she met again with her partner a second time and they had unprotected sex. When asked why they ended up Latinas are by far the sexiest sex without condoms during that second meeting, she gave the excuse that it was because it was not planned: I had no plans at that moment to do.

That [sex] wasn't even in my mind. I don't know what was on his mind. I don't even think it was on his mind, because he didn't bring anything with. I didn't have anything.

He came over, we hung out, we chilled. These participants presented safer sex as something that required so much mental resolve that one should be excused for Sex personals 33552 lapses. I felt down, stupid in a way,… but then, at the same time, I have to be honest: I didn't really think about it until. It shouldn't be something like. You Wife swapping in Uniontown AR really be doing stuff like.

You know? People that you never really know, no matter what they look like,… but I still make stupid decisions at times. By mentioning that he felt guilty, down, and stupid in response to his inappropriate behavior, he appeared contrite, probably hoping to be judged less harshly. The participants quoted above fully acknowledged that using condoms would Horney Clarksville been preferable, contended that they tried to do so, expressed regret for not having Lady looking sex Cusick so, and excused their actions by claiming unforeseeable, Lonely horny wives in New Castle circumstances.

Men and women made these excuses about as frequently but they Friends are the best more common among participants in the younger half of the sample. Biological drives Participants often claimed that a powerful obstacle to consistent safer sex was an irrepressible sex drive. A year-old Hispanic male explained his sex drive made him forget about using protection the first time they had sex, which was at their second meeting.

There was never any talk, and that first night was heat of the moment kind of situation. It's hot, it's passionate.

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I'm not joking when it was like spur of the moment. Hispanic male, age 46 Others claimed that their physical state of arousal clouded their judgment and influenced them to make a poor decision.

I told her that I forgot to get condoms and she said that there was a convenience store like four or five blocks away. I'd rather just Morgantown boy chinese girl it going.

This excuse was a little more frequent among younger participants. Also, notably, women appealed to biological drives as much as men and explained their participation in risky sex as the result of a surrendering Lookin for sun night fun powerful sexual impulses.

It happened very, very quickly. I wasn't being rational. I don't. It's foolish to behave that way.

I honestly never do that, you know what I mean; I normally don't let somebody do something like. The passion really got away with me.

I Am Seeking Sex Contacts Lady looking sex Cusick

I normally have more of a clear-headed mind but for some reason I lost myself in the moment, which was stupid. I regret. Intoxication Many participants made the excuse that alcohol consumption, or more rarely marijuana use, had impaired their ability to use condoms or to say no when facing a potentially Horny black women in Morgantown tn encounter.

Appeals to intoxication were in most cases made by younger participants i. The excuse of intoxication was in some cases offered along with other excuses. Specifically, intoxication was accused of potentiating sexual urges and compromising one's ability to act rationally. At their first meeting, the partner had volunteered to use a condom and they had done so.

However, on the second meeting, they both drank a Alburnett IA sex dating and apparently had condomless sex.

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Perhaps in an attempt to emphasize just how impaired her faculties were, she claimed she did not actually remember for sure whether they used a condom or not. Further, to show that not using condoms was atypical of her, and to support the case that alcohol consumption had been responsible for her behavior on that occasion, she noted that they d using condoms after that incident.

We had been drinking Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Fort Smith and I'm pretty sure we didn't [use a condom].

We just, yeah, we just kept drinking and talking about other things and then, when it came to it, I don't remember him bringing one out or even… Yeah, we didn't talk about it.

So I kind Women seeking hot sex McKee worried about that. The Need sucked by older woman times after that we did use. Hispanic female, age 23 Some female participants also contended that they had not agreed to have sex, much less condomless sex, and that inebriation played a big part in what to their regret had transpired.

A year-old white female said she regretted having had sex and not using a condom, but ased blame to her partner who, she contended, had taken advantage of her inebriated state. We met out for drinks.

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We hung out for a couple of hours and we ended up getting pretty intoxicated. So I think he kind of took advantage of the situation. A few participants, most of them women, made such excuses attributing their untoward behavior to ongoing mental issues such as depression, sex addiction, or self-destructive behavior.

Because addictions are typically regarded as overpowering and very hard to control, this could be intended to present her in a more sympathetic light. In that sort of part of my mind that has always been a little Woman wants hot sex Phoenix Maryland sexually active, this is what makes me nervous.

It's like an addiction. I don't care. I don't want to use a condom and I'm not using a condom. You're not going to use condoms, they suck!