SnapStream TV Search (150/365)

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I’ve been a huge fan of the DVR for years. I purchased my first one back in 2000, and TV has been a much better experience ever since. Thanks to my early-adopter savvy, I was already familiar with SnapStream. What they offer is like no one else though – it is the coolest thing ever! Imagine all the power of search combined with a mega-DVR that could record 50 channels at once!

Sure, this may be overkill for your average homeowner use. But SnapStream was forward-thinking enough to develop SnapStream TV Search. Prior to SnapStream, the media would record shows on multiple recording devices all at once. Just think of setting up 10 DVRs to record different shows – and then trying to keep straight what was on each one. Ugh! It would be impossible. Enter SnapStream! Their DVRs record multiple shows, and then index the closed-caption text of the show itself so you can search through it later.

This is excellent for City, State and Federal governments, Higher Education, Education K-12, Television and Film production, TV broadcasting, Media Monitoring / PR, and Radio production. Anyone with a SnapStream Server can search within programs, eliminating the need for them to watch tons of meaningless coverage just to find 30 seconds of relevant footage. When they pinpoint the sought-after content, you can make a video clip, then download it to a PC, burn it to a DVD, or send it to someone else via e-mail.

When I met with Rakesh Agrawal, who founded SnapStream, he asked me to come up with a search term. I suggested one that I knew was in recent news, and he typed the word in. From what they recorded on their servers, up came results for Craig Ferguson, the Daily Show, Sean Hannity, and several others. The results displayed the text we were looking for, along with a queued up clip, ready to play the seconds just before the word itself, right in the middle of a show. It was so cool!

I never really thought about how TV shows used to gather this information otherwise. Some would have banks of 8 DVRs recording things all at once. They would then have to go through them, one at a time, to find the clips that they needed. Now with SnapStream, they can quickly run a search right from their computer and be done.

Short version? As the Houston Chronicle said in this article, “If you’re a politician who just said something foolish on air, it’s now much easier for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to find the clip”. The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert are some of their many clients.

Thank you again to the SnapStream team for showing me around the office and teaching me more about the device and what it can do. What a wonderful team! Interested in learning what is being said on TV? Check out the TV Trends and search what is happening. Be sure to keep up with the latest news at the TV Searcher blog and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @SnapStream.

I spotted this in the server room. I didn’t look inside. I’m sure there was something really cool inside there that they are developing, but I wanted to see my family again!

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