MAM’s House of Ice (23/365)

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Set up on a corner in the Heights is a little spot that might be as close to heaven as you can get on a hot summer day here in Houston – MAM’s House of Ice. Located at the corner of 20th St & Rutland St is a trailer where you can get some of the most delicious New Orleans style SnoBalls I’ve EVER had. I’m a huge fan of SnoBalls, so when I say they are the best – well, they have beaten out a lot of other SnoBalls!

Perfectly shaved ice, so fine – and the syrup to ice ratio is just right. They are careful in how they pour it, to make sure you get the best flavor possible.

When you arrive, you’ll see a line forming up – they take orders at the window on left, and serve from the window on the right. People line up at both windows, so make sure you get in the right line! What is incredible is the sense of camaraderie that you feel while you wait. Strangers start to talk with one another. People discuss what the best flavors are. We are all bonding over SnoBalls.

The menu is long and extensive, with the usual flavors of cherry and lemon, cream flavors like chocolate, and then a medley of custom flavors that they make. They even offer up some in sugar-free flavors! There are a few unusual, almost bizarre, ones on there too – pickle comes to mind at first. I like pickles, so I tried it – and it was just too much for me! Bubblegum seemed to be a big hit the day that I was taking these photographs, but my personal favorite is the sugar-free cherry. Yum! I can’t get enough of them – I’m glad my studio is in the Heights so I’m close by!

Ariana and Mary Ann started up MAM’s House of Ice after having SnoBalls that they felt could really be improved upon. Both had fond memories of SnoBalls from their childhood, so they started doing research on the best SnoBall flavors around (including checking out some in New Orleans, home of many great SnoBalls), and in 2009 they opened up MAM’s! An instant hit among people from around Houston and beyond, this is their second summer in operation.

Make a trip over to Mam’s House of Ice – you won’t be disappointed! Their summer hours are 1pm-8pm Tuesday-Sunday unless it is raining too much to open. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to check in and make sure they are open – and then go get yourself a SnoBall! Cash only, smaller bills preferred if possible, but don’t worry – the price is low. Now go get yourself a SnoBall!

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margaret lee July 5, 2010 at 11:47 pm

hi christine! i’ve been following this blog and just want to say how much i enjoy it :) what a fantastic thing you’re doing here!

sarah Shah July 8, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Yum!! Can’t wait to try them…this weekend for sure! Thanks for the info!

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