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If you have a creative business in Houston, you definitely need to check out Creative Houston! Their goal is supporting Houston’s creative businesses & helping them grow. They are creating the first Houston Summit for the Creative Economy on October 22, 2010. George Marshall Worthington, the Founder of Creative Houston, is a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone in a creative business.

The creative economy is a major force in the Houston community. Creative professionals build businesses, pay taxes, employ citizens, and attract new enterprises to the city at the same time they ornament the city and improve the quality of leisure time. George was inspired to develop Creative Houston after noting that even though Houston one of the top 5 cities in the United States, it was falling behind as other cities such as New York, London and even Minneapolis leverage their creative assets to compete in the global economy. His mission is to help Houston prosper in the future by leveraging the insight, transformation, possibility and optimism that comes from Houston’s creative community.

George has developed the insight that he now brings to Creative Houston during his long career in public service and fund raising. To learn about his extensive resume, you can read more on the Creative Houston site here.

The first Houston Summit for the Creative Economy will by held Oct. 22, 2010, sponsored by the MBA Council of Houston. The priorities of the summit are:

1. Houston’s success
2. Collaboration across the creative industries
3. Celebrating Houston’s unique and inspired resources.

Watch the Creative Houston site for more information!

In addition to the summit, the Creative Houston site offers up directories of information on the following:

Cultural Organizations – Creating Houston arts and heritage
Creative Businesses – Profiting from new ideas in Houston
Supporting Creatives – Houston nurturing creative projects
Filmmaking in Houston – Resources for filmmakers
Community Plans – Prepare Houston to thrive on growth and change
Protecting the Environment – Sustain Houston’s original amenities
Building Smarter – Working to elevate the Houston cityscape
Research – Measuring the creative capital of Houston
Funding More Creativity – Money and support for Houston ideas
Other Directories – Guides to Houston from other organizations
Other Creative Cities – Models or competitors?
Other Resources – Further ways to support Houston creativity
Houston Media – Houston publications, commentary

There is also a library of their older newsletters for you to review online, all worth checking out!

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