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Stores (47/365)

October 20, 2010

When I started to become active in the Support Local, Grow Together movement, it was important to me put my money where my heart is and shop locally as much as possible. I’ve realized though that sometimes, the local businesses might not be what you expect – they aren’t always just the mom & pop […]

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Sew Crafty (44/365)

August 30, 2010

Sew Crafty is the coolest place ever for crafty types – and people who want to learn to craft – here in Houston! It is Houston’s first craft studio and sewing lounge. Located in the Houston Heights, Sew Crafty offers classes in sewing, knitting, kids crafts and DIY workshops to give everyone from beginners to […]

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Daisy’s Doggie Duds (22/365)

June 27, 2010

Frustrated with the usual overpriced, low quality apparel for dogs out there on the market, Daisy’s owners went out looking for something even better. That hunt was the beginning for Daisy’s Doggie Duds! These are some of the cutest dog clothes I have ever seen – far better than what you can find at the […]

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