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When I started to become active in the Support Local, Grow Together movement, it was important to me put my money where my heart is and shop locally as much as possible. I’ve realized though that sometimes, the local businesses might not be what you expect – they aren’t always just the mom & pop shop on the corner. Sometimes, they may be well established companies online that you never realized are located right here in Houston, Texas. That was the case with Yes, right here in Houston, and I had no idea!

Though they have a lot of fun, they are an incredibly analytical, metrics-driven company. Every department’s efforts are tested and measured; this is what has made them so successful. Our marketing department is a small team of 8, but together they’ve managed to have great success. This year, they won the American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year award, beating out finalists like Shell, Gexa Energy, and MD Anderson Hospital. In the face of a crippled economy and a housing market that has been in the tanker for years, they’ve increased revenue, increased profit, created more jobs for Houston (they hired 40 people this year, taking them from 70-something to 100+ employees), and become more culture and community-focused. They have a true culture of accountability; they want to get our jobs done well, because it helps their co-workers get their jobs done well too.

They take the culture VERY seriously, and it shows! I could just feel it as I walked through their offices. It was buzzing and humming away, as people were working hard, taking calls in the call center area, and you had a sense that they love what they do. To get a job there (any job, including customer service and sales), you must go through 4-5 rounds of interviews, including a peer panel review. Their call center is a melting pot of personalities and talent, and it is considered very prestigious to work there. They invest in their people with weekly in-office training called “Drills for Skills” which helps sales and CS reps improve effectiveness on the phones. They offer personal development and opportunities for upward mobility. They send people to conferences and higher learning training courses all over the country. They plan incredible community services projects like Shade of Hope, and one that they are currently working on with Texas Children’s Hospital. They donate all returned and recycled blinds to the Houston Re-Store, a thrift store owned and managed by Habitat for Humanity to provide those who can’t afford it with affordable window treatments. They donate money to Susan G. Komen, walk in Race for the Cure each year, participate in Via Colori, the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Houston Chowhounds fundraiser for the Gulf Cost fishermen, The River Performing Arts Center, Aishel House… the list goes on.

I’d say the most important thing to know about is that their core values aren’t just a bunch of B.S. “Improve continuously” and “wow every customer” pretty much fuels everything they do. What this means is that when it comes to making customers happy is that they will go to any length to do it. They are constantly working on the organization as a whole and themselves to do their jobs better. I loved the “improve continuously” board full of motivation and plans that people had to grow.

Above all, these values mean that is an honorable, honest organization. Sure the bottom line is important, but not as important as making sure employees feel like they’re working for a company that values them and its customers, and strives to do the right thing in every situation.

Aside from winning Marketer of the Year, they’ve won a few other awards this year:
- One of Houston’s Best Places to Work by Houston Business Journal (*If I read this, I would have known that they were in Houston.)
- Their CFO was a finalist for CFO of the Year
- Esther Steinfeld, Public Relations Manager, was named to Houston’s 40 Under 40 list
- And probably the one they’re most proud of… they were named Best in Class National Call Center of the Year, and our VP of Operations was named the Call Center Leader of the Year

I’m glad that calls Houston home, and that they take such an active role in our community! If you don’t already, be sure to follow them on Facebook and @BlindsDotCom on Twitter!

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Roberto April 11, 2012 at 10:33 am

Wow! It looks like a really exciting and interesting company to work for.

I took a peak at the site and it’s really great that they take a proactive approach to helping you all the way through the purchase. I like the videos they have on the sides that tutor you on how to go about measuring for their products. Best of all they are Texas based. I wish much luck to

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